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A stone-paved path summoned me,
To support me with a stronger ground,
I stepped on it and I did see,
A full new world all around.
I went on moving happy indeed,
But oh! I fell into a pit,
And as it engulfed me in it,
My legs started to freeze and my hands, bleed.

Just then you came, I know not how;
You held my hands and pulled me out.
You hugged me tight and said---
“I’m your best friend, at your aid”.

Who were you? What were you?
A dream? A vision? Or a drop of dew?
That calmed the fire ravishing me.
Or were you an Angel vowing eternity?

Were I dreaming or was it true?
You were all I had or knew.
You could, my world and me, renew,
With just a simple ‘me and you’.

Those pair of eyes twinkling bright,
You have the smile of a child,
Your lips had words to efface my plight,
Your fragrance touched me soft and mild.

        You brought me joy or so I thought?
          Something was really missing...

But I didn't bother when I looked at you.
It seemed so easy sailing through.
My love for you grew more and more,
Luck kissed me then like never before.

This ‘so-sweet’ friendship struck a light
Of enmity and a gradual plight.
Some ‘so-called’ humans showed you a ‘me’—
Wrapped in dirt and falsity.
You believed them and discarded me,
For the sake of all their envy.
All your promises crumbled down,
In just a matter of seconds;
You turned away with the deepest frown,
Is that how it ends?

Once again amidst the crowd, I'm left alone,
Now I stand and realize that you were just a stone.
You were not any dream or dew,
You were my reflection, just a view.
But I was true, I am true,
I’d been the princess… just for you….

All rights reserved: 2013