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It's Raining Outside

 It’s raining outside...

It’s raining outside,
The heat is somewhat out of town,
Or perhaps the sky’s so burned up,
That to tears it has melted down.

The Drop that drops to calm this ground,
Falls and falsely turns around,
Hiding pangs of hidden anxiety,
Showers smiles on smiling Duty…
Wonder grasps the wonderful moment.
Surprise gets the best surprise.
Meaning finds it’s only meant
To beautify the Beauty’s eyes.

But Truth now fails to term it right--
The sky that cried to quench all plight.
Instead, it only kept burning more,
Wounded deep into the core;
Healing mass, making them smile,
But scorched inside like a girl docile.
It smiles with so much pain inside
Then how can it be bona fide?
It quenches thirst, wipes out Dry,
But why not smiling, why just cry?
Isn’t it unfair to call it right?
Why should it be fighting all night;
Only to show that it is fine,
Wake up good and work and shine?

Everything quietens all around.
No one answers, no more sound.
Trees keep dancing, flowers bloom
                     Surrounded by a cheerful gloom.

It’s still raining outside,
The heat is quite out of town,
Or perhaps She is so burned up
That silently She waits to drown.

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