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The Empty-Idle Chair

I'm sitting on an idle chair.
The heart's wandering I know not where,
Searching, seeking to share and confide,
While the world's all asleep outside.
The moon shies away behind a cloud,
As Heart calls upon't to hear its sound;
The stars are busy twinkling numerous times,
So is the breeze, blowing the wind-chimes.
The idle chair now seems to move.
It turns and turns itself to prove,
How painful it is to stay so still,
The void within, it yearns to fulfil.
It throws me down unable to bear;
Heart scatters in pieces round the empty, idle chair.

All rights reserved 2016

Even Death Pretends...

Like a flash are days in a stormy night
While nights groan out in endless plight.
Eyes refuse to shut out the light;
And memories ruthless paint my sight.
With blood from me her face she draws
By fiery hands, oh fiery claws!
Tossing from heaven to hell; she breaks all laws;
And breaks me till my breathings pause
She leads me where the journey ends
Away from all my foes and friends.
To pain then soon hand extends
She is playing. I smile. Even Death pretends!

[In collaboration with Arnab Bhattacharya]

All rights reserved 2016

The Open Book

Sparkling waves come dancing more,
Blending into the sand-lit shore
While sun creeps back to its divine abode
Illuminating heavens on its way back home.
There lies on the coast an open book;
And as dusk dawns slowly in each corner and nook,
Its empty pages, like an empty soul
Seeks to fill itself, to be whole.
Thus amidst the vivifying hues,
It searches for its only Muse,
Who would sing the mildest melody
Rousing the soul to tranquillity.
Breezes blow, effacing the shackles
Of life and its ruins and unheard crackles.
Day goes to sleep as Sun bids adieu,
Soul finds itself in the mesmerising view.
The pages are empty no more,
Soul has so much to pour.
But only till it begins to rain;
'Cause tomorrow morning it will be empty again...

All Rights Reserved 2016

The Nature of Life

Life's blooming in ways bizarre,
Teaching lessons as it rolls.
"And Happenings happen the way they are
Meant to happen", the Brain consoles!
Heart revolts-- "No! All Brain says
In juggling words is just a solace".
I say Life's a failure, a broken sigh;
But never an end to striving high.

[In collaboration with Arnab Bhattacharya]

All rights reserved 2016

It's Raining Outside

 It’s raining outside...

It’s raining outside,
The heat is somewhat out of town,
Or perhaps the sky’s so burned up,
That to tears it has melted down.

The Drop that drops to calm this ground,
Falls and falsely turns around,
Hiding pangs of hidden anxiety,
Showers smiles on smiling Duty…
Wonder grasps the wonderful moment.
Surprise gets the best surprise.
Meaning finds it’s only meant
To beautify the Beauty’s eyes.

But Truth now fails to term it right--
The sky that cried to quench all plight.
Instead, it only kept burning more,
Wounded deep into the core;
Healing mass, making them smile,
But scorched inside like a girl docile.
It smiles with so much pain inside
Then how can it be bona fide?
It quenches thirst, wipes out Dry,
But why not smiling, why just cry?
Isn’t it unfair to call it right?
Why should it be fighting all night;
Only to show that it is fine,
Wake up good and work and shine?

Everything quietens all around.
No one answers, no more sound.
Trees keep dancing, flowers bloom
                     Surrounded by a cheerful gloom.

It’s still raining outside,
The heat is quite out of town,
Or perhaps She is so burned up
That silently She waits to drown.

All Rights Reserved:2013
[Pictures from Google]

Wait in Peace


Poem by: Sweta Ghosh
Background Photography: Sweta Ghosh
All rights reserved: 2013

I Still Waited...

I still waited when I was told to leave.
I still waited when nothing was left to receive.
I still waited when some laughed at me, some pitied.
I still waited when I was advised to recede.
I still waited when they told me to move on.
I still waited when all of them were gone.
I still waited even when I was called a fool.
I still waited by breaking every rule.

They told me I was gravely mistaken,
That you were ne'er returning again.
I smiled at their ignorance, I trusted my heart.
It said you’d come back and never again depart.
So what if I’m dying, my youth and beauty fading?

I've waited since ages and I will still keep waiting

All Rights Reserved:2013


Its not the last time…

Cannot say how now I feel,
Cannot say whether my heart will heal,
But every tear that for you I had shed---
Was an ‘I Love You’, left unsaid.

You had come into my life and then you went away.
Did you spare me a moment to feel the joy or the pain, anyway?
You became a dream for me,
Your eyes had cast a spell;
The spell broke when Doom had cracked 
And I found myself in hell.

Time will unfurl burns from past,
They’ll intrude our lives for sure.
Time will knock my door to save you,
From the very devastating lure.
Time will sing in chorus with rhyme,
That it was never the last time.
Time will return to time the time,
When you will crave to fill the feel your life will lack.
To come back..

Cannot say how now I feel,
Cannot say whether my heart will heal,
But every tear that for you I had shed---
Was really an ‘I Love You’, left unsaid...

All Rights Reserved: 2013

The Silent Voice

The Silent Voice

The Voice that made me smile all day,
Now speaks silently, guiding my way.
The Voice that made me cry all night,
Is keeping quiet with all its might.
The Voice that once had inspired me,
Has now quietened with enough bravery.
The Voice that called me 'Angel My'
Has stopped midway to pacify.

Pacify the life with so many tides.
One Voice, one sound, various sides.
Now it talks to beings unknown
But not to the one it called its own.
Oh how my ears now ache in pain,   
Will I be able to hear him again?  

[All Rights Reserved:2013] 

[Picture from Google, Edited by Sweta Ghosh]

Near Far

Near- Far

Someone someday hears her sob,
Cornered in a room full o’ mob,
Asks her why she’s so, so sad,
What went wrong, who’s been bad?

She looks up with tearful eyes,
Forcing a smile into her guise,
Says—Im okay, perfectly fine.
I’m only waiting for the one who’s mine”.

Confused, he just helps her stand,
Both in a corner hand in hand.
She can read his questioning gaze,
Wants him answered phase by phase;
Tells him how the one who’s hers
Left her ‘mong a bunch of cheaters.
No one to trust, no one to share,
No one to hug, no one to care…

He asks—“How’ll he come back now?
He seems to have gone forever somehow”.
She smiles back, says--- “He’s not gone.
He’s here with me each dusk and dawn”.
Then why’re you saying that he has left?
Who are you waiting for, haven’t yet slept?

I’m waiting for him who won’t let me wait,
I’m waiting for the one who’s never ever late.
I’m waiting for him to look back my way,
Hold onto him and hear him say---
I’m here as always, baby all is fine,

Shh… don’t cry… My princess, you’re mine…


All Rights Reserved: 2013

A little girl- a gift

I couldn't  help posting this... Though extracted from the famous song "Little Girl" by Enrique, with little modifications, these lines were dedicated to my blog, by the most special person in my life... A sweet but painful surprise in its own way... But I must mention that neither am I getting famous nor am I 'alone'. It's just the bigheartedness (and slightly hard too) of the writer to  think so for which I'm grateful and humbled enough... Thank You as always... :)

A " Little girl" having not much 

To write, although

She writes with a smile

So full of life

But she cries at night

Just trying to hold on.

No one hears her

She's all alone.

That Little girl,

She's all grown up

Oh she's getting famous

She's a big star

Here is a blog 

Where she talks, writes and shares... ...

A little girl I knew ,

Who has now grown up...

Our Magic Moments

Our Magic Moments

The moments we've spent together all these days...
Are just so beautiful...
When I sit n think of them,
I grow wings...
And fly like the dove...
I find peace...
With u
In u
For u...
The moments we'd spent together are Our moments
They are Our treasures...
And no one, not even God can take them away from us...
Those moments are priceless...
They are more than all the riches of the world...
It feels divine, heavenly to have something totally yours...

And we have it...
We have what we can call only ours...
No mine and yours there...
Just ours...

The moments... The magic moments...

All Rights Reserved: 2013

Which one's the Dream?

Sometimes, it's so difficult to keep pace with time... It's not just unpredictable... It's inevitable...
At one moment you fly high, aspiring for the ultimate-- The Dream you'd dreamt,
Living in it...
So much so that you reach a point and shout out loud--
Yes! This is Real!, and Smile...
You smile and close your eyes...
Ecstasy drives you crazy... insane... A Spell is cast...
Joy casts the spell... You feel in Paradise...
Angels hugging and playing with you...
Filling you with what you have always wanted... PEACE...

And then... you open your eyes...
And find dark dungeons ahead...
Filthy insects welcoming you... Laughing at you...

The spell breaks... Doom cracks...
You see everything going down... demolishing...

You ask yourself-- "Am I Dreaming?"

The Answer comes-- " YOU WERE..."

All Rights Reserved: 2013

If it's the Last Time...

If it's the last time, I wanna speak...
If it's the last time, I wanna know...
If it's the last time, I wanna hold...
If it's the last time, I wanna show...

Speak my heart and call you mine,
Know your soul and keep you fine,
Hold your hand and walk long miles,
Wipe your tears and gift you smiles...


How willfully you divert, how willfully you change,
How willfully the Time is so, so strange.

[Time's a cheater, a merciless betrayer.
Time's a colour-changer, layer by layer,
Don't trust Time it never trusts you,
It is the greatest healer, but a murderer too.]

Oh how I cry with empty eyes,
How I scream with broken sighs,
How I want to let you know,
And unfurl all that's left to show...


You are the Joy, You are the Pain,
You are the Sanest, and the Insane.
You are the Silence, You are the Scream,
You are the Truth as well as the Dream.
You are the Heart, yes the Soul too,
I might be none, but I Love You...

Unsaid words are eloquent today,
Silent glances divert their way,
Passive smiles left to decay,
'Childish' pieces smile and say--
                 No one made me feel like you,
       No one now will ever do...

So if it's the last time, please wait a li'l more,
For no cause, no cries, no reason. no sighs,
No pain, no smile, no watch, no time...
Just a li'l more, for just a goodbye,
So that you can be you, and I,

All rights Reserved: 2013 

A Rain-Drenched Evening and Me...

Strolling along the roaring sea,
The winds streaming across my face,
I see the twin stars watching me
And also following my pace.

I think I hear some Angel groan,
Building, breaking all around;
Till she melts in silent tears,
Silent drops on ground.

Beats and taps on empty ground,
The rain-drenched evening filling me
With passions that my heart is bound
Now to finally set free.

I set them free to my heart's delight.
The rain-drenched evening kiss my sight
To pour my heart on a blank, white ground,
From whence I have now myself found.



A stone-paved path summoned me,
To support me with a stronger ground,
I stepped on it and I did see,
A full new world all around.
I went on moving happy indeed,
But oh! I fell into a pit,
And as it engulfed me in it,
My legs started to freeze and my hands, bleed.

Just then you came, I know not how;
You held my hands and pulled me out.
You hugged me tight and said---
“I’m your best friend, at your aid”.

Who were you? What were you?
A dream? A vision? Or a drop of dew?
That calmed the fire ravishing me.
Or were you an Angel vowing eternity?

Were I dreaming or was it true?
You were all I had or knew.
You could, my world and me, renew,
With just a simple ‘me and you’.

Those pair of eyes twinkling bright,
You have the smile of a child,
Your lips had words to efface my plight,
Your fragrance touched me soft and mild.

        You brought me joy or so I thought?
          Something was really missing...

But I didn't bother when I looked at you.
It seemed so easy sailing through.
My love for you grew more and more,
Luck kissed me then like never before.

This ‘so-sweet’ friendship struck a light
Of enmity and a gradual plight.
Some ‘so-called’ humans showed you a ‘me’—
Wrapped in dirt and falsity.
You believed them and discarded me,
For the sake of all their envy.
All your promises crumbled down,
In just a matter of seconds;
You turned away with the deepest frown,
Is that how it ends?

Once again amidst the crowd, I'm left alone,
Now I stand and realize that you were just a stone.
You were not any dream or dew,
You were my reflection, just a view.
But I was true, I am true,
I’d been the princess… just for you….

All rights reserved: 2013