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The Wounded Healer...



A stone-paved path summoned me,
To support me with a stronger ground,
I stepped on it and I did see,
A full new world all around.
I went on moving happy indeed,
But oh! I fell into a pit,
And as it engulfed me in it,
My legs started to freeze and my hands, bleed.

Just then you came, I know not how;
You held my hands and pulled me out.
You hugged me tight and said---
“I’m your best friend, at your aid”.

Who were you? What were you?
A dream? A vision? Or a drop of dew?
That calmed the fire ravishing me.
Or were you an Angel vowing eternity?

Were I dreaming or was it true?
You were all I had or knew.
You could, my world and me, renew,
With just a simple ‘me and you’.

Those pair of eyes twinkling bright,
You have the smile of a child,
Your lips had words to efface my plight,
Your fragrance touched me soft and mild.

        You brought me joy or so I thought?
          Something was really missing...

But I didn't bother when I looked at you.
It seemed so easy sailing through.
My love for you grew more and more,
Luck kissed me then like never before.

This ‘so-sweet’ friendship struck a light
Of enmity and a gradual plight.
Some ‘so-called’ humans showed you a ‘me’—
Wrapped in dirt and falsity.
You believed them and discarded me,
For the sake of all their envy.
All your promises crumbled down,
In just a matter of seconds;
You turned away with the deepest frown,
Is that how it ends?

Once again amidst the crowd, I'm left alone,
Now I stand and realize that you were just a stone.
You were not any dream or dew,
You were my reflection, just a view.
But I was true, I am true,
I’d been the princess… just for you….

All rights reserved: 2013

Tears Depart….

No one, no one hears,
The softly creeping tears.
Yes, they are creeping,
Quite invisible to all;
Or may be they are hiding,
To escape a certain call.
The call that reminds her,
That none can she call her own,
All she does is hide her face,

And cry and cry, all alone.

Time heals her, gifts her,
A gift that makes her relive.
She does relive, she does grow up,
To an extent she never thought of.
But she is happy the way she is,
As happy as a caged dove…..

She renews her mind also her heart,
Renewing herself part by part.
She starts another journey, happy and gay,
Discovering secrets of life on her way,
Meeting with troubles and wiping them away,
As easily as an Angel may.
She forgets her cage her very confinement,
She finds fulfillment in sorrow even,
She cherishes her life saying—
It’s a bliss that God has given.

As days pass by, life goes on,
And she keeps moving on;
Till one fine day she realizes,
That all her tears are gone.
She is so confident now,
And has become a stone somehow.

Today she stands realizing this,
And longing for some pain.
She wants something, someone to hurt her,
And return her tears again.
She desires to fall in love, yet again,
Have someone to cry for; let some tears out.

But nothing that hurts seems to hurt her,

Nothing painful causes her pain,
No sorrow touches her...
Except one—
The tears depart...
The dry eyes wander here and there,
Searching for some pain unknown,
But all she still does is hide her face,
And cry and cry and cry, all alone…..

All Rights Reserved: 2013

The Self Introduction!

Well to introduce myself....presently a post graduation student. Yea I know that my previous readers must be wondering that what makes me write this 8 years after creating a blog.Well, the simplest answer I can offer -- I forgot... :-P

 In fact I'd left writing blogs because of my forthcoming board exams then. Now that I've come back, I thought why not start afresh. So I've deleted all the previous stuffs..simply because I don’t wanna view them again. So in a way my blog is kinda 'under construction' method...!!
Never mind..!!
To talk of my present status... I'm a corporate trainer in Personality Development Program, doing post graduation in English and am also a professional animator, photographer and VFX artist. I'm also trained in psycho orientology and have been a successful classical dancer for the past 22 years. I've decided to start re-modelling my blog...
To say something apart from studies (if you're actually thinking that I must be a super geek being super keen about studies...O Plzzz !! Gimme a break....!!) ...uummmm...
I Think Deeds Talk More than Actions,
Feelings talk more than Words..
           I'm yet to find myself, and the
         purpose too,

           I'm ready to face life, Are You?