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The Self Introduction!

Well to introduce myself....presently a post graduation student. Yea I know that my previous readers must be wondering that what makes me write this 8 years after creating a blog.Well, the simplest answer I can offer -- I forgot... :-P

 In fact I'd left writing blogs because of my forthcoming board exams then. Now that I've come back, I thought why not start afresh. So I've deleted all the previous stuffs..simply because I don’t wanna view them again. So in a way my blog is kinda 'under construction' method...!!
Never mind..!!
To talk of my present status... I'm a corporate trainer in Personality Development Program, doing post graduation in English and am also a professional animator, photographer and VFX artist. I'm also trained in psycho orientology and have been a successful classical dancer for the past 22 years. I've decided to start re-modelling my blog...
To say something apart from studies (if you're actually thinking that I must be a super geek being super keen about studies...O Plzzz !! Gimme a break....!!) ...uummmm...
I Think Deeds Talk More than Actions,
Feelings talk more than Words..
           I'm yet to find myself, and the
         purpose too,

           I'm ready to face life, Are You?

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