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The Wounded Healer...

A Rain-Drenched Evening and Me...

Strolling along the roaring sea,
The winds streaming across my face,
I see the twin stars watching me
And also following my pace.

I think I hear some Angel groan,
Building, breaking all around;
Till she melts in silent tears,
Silent drops on ground.

Beats and taps on empty ground,
The rain-drenched evening filling me
With passions that my heart is bound
Now to finally set free.

I set them free to my heart's delight.
The rain-drenched evening kiss my sight
To pour my heart on a blank, white ground,
From whence I have now myself found.


  1. great rhythm and depth. keep up the good work

  2. nice moments described in a rhythm.... really nice :)

  3. My Mom is the muse for this poem... And this was the poem I'd composed sitting in an Examination Hall (my final year board exam for graduation!) for the 'Creative Writing' question containing around 20 marks (+,-5)!!

    1. in-build tallent.... great re!!! :)

    2. no.. I'm a cultivated one...!! :) :P