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A little girl- a gift

I couldn't  help posting this... Though extracted from the famous song "Little Girl" by Enrique, with little modifications, these lines were dedicated to my blog, by the most special person in my life... A sweet but painful surprise in its own way... But I must mention that neither am I getting famous nor am I 'alone'. It's just the bigheartedness (and slightly hard too) of the writer to  think so for which I'm grateful and humbled enough... Thank You as always... :)

A " Little girl" having not much 

To write, although

She writes with a smile

So full of life

But she cries at night

Just trying to hold on.

No one hears her

She's all alone.

That Little girl,

She's all grown up

Oh she's getting famous

She's a big star

Here is a blog 

Where she talks, writes and shares... ...

A little girl I knew ,

Who has now grown up...


  1. no point of thanking this writer... its just an extract from the song by Enrique called " little girl "., that little girl seemed familier to that writer i guess.,thats y... :)
    Hey pratistha, .. keep writing more..

  2. It doesn't matter whether something's been taken from or inspired by something. What matters is how the thing in question has been dedicated to someone or something. Perhaps it's pointless and not welcomed too, but I feel like thanking, so I will do... :)