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Near Far

Near- Far

Someone someday hears her sob,
Cornered in a room full o’ mob,
Asks her why she’s so, so sad,
What went wrong, who’s been bad?

She looks up with tearful eyes,
Forcing a smile into her guise,
Says—Im okay, perfectly fine.
I’m only waiting for the one who’s mine”.

Confused, he just helps her stand,
Both in a corner hand in hand.
She can read his questioning gaze,
Wants him answered phase by phase;
Tells him how the one who’s hers
Left her ‘mong a bunch of cheaters.
No one to trust, no one to share,
No one to hug, no one to care…

He asks—“How’ll he come back now?
He seems to have gone forever somehow”.
She smiles back, says--- “He’s not gone.
He’s here with me each dusk and dawn”.
Then why’re you saying that he has left?
Who are you waiting for, haven’t yet slept?

I’m waiting for him who won’t let me wait,
I’m waiting for the one who’s never ever late.
I’m waiting for him to look back my way,
Hold onto him and hear him say---
I’m here as always, baby all is fine,

Shh… don’t cry… My princess, you’re mine…


All Rights Reserved: 2013


  1. this is so nice dear....
    waiting to read the complete version....
    u write good... y dont u try a sonnet.. i lyk reading sonnets.
    i wld recommend u to try writing one... :)

  2. Will see to it... Although sonnets and other such forms are expertise of real poets! and you know poems just happen to me.. But I'l try for sure... :)

  3. I will post the complete version of this poem on 24/10/2013 ... :) Thank you...