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The Silent Voice

The Silent Voice

The Voice that made me smile all day,
Now speaks silently, guiding my way.
The Voice that made me cry all night,
Is keeping quiet with all its might.
The Voice that once had inspired me,
Has now quietened with enough bravery.
The Voice that called me 'Angel My'
Has stopped midway to pacify.

Pacify the life with so many tides.
One Voice, one sound, various sides.
Now it talks to beings unknown
But not to the one it called its own.
Oh how my ears now ache in pain,   
Will I be able to hear him again?  

[All Rights Reserved:2013] 

[Picture from Google, Edited by Sweta Ghosh]


  1. Her voice one day had made me cry,
    if u ask me,"is it true?" I wont deny.... :)

    its so nice.... i again loved it.... :)

  2. Thanks Sayantan.. Those lines you posted are lovely... Can you please tell me who composed them?? Is it some song?? :)

    1. not a song....
      no1 composed but me....
      just instantly, matching with ur rythm actually.... :)

    2. Oh that's great.. Feeling glad that my poem induced you to write... good job buddy! :)

  3. Thank you Shradha... See I told you, Pain makes you creative, only it's too unbearable at times... But then U will have to pay for your mistakes! :|